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The Year

 of Our

Lord Jesus Christ


In 1980 I was awaken by the Holy Spirit and through His Wisdom and Knowledge wrote what was within my

power to write what I saw in a vision of things to come in the future. At that time not knowing when these things would come to pass.

But "NOW" after 29 years these things are coming to pass quickly according to God's time and purpose.

All things written herein are those things I believe are inspired by His Grace and the Power of the Holy Spirit

and the Gift He has given to "All" that believe in His Son Jesus Christ the Lord.


The United States shall loose it power and authority as a Peace keeping Nation.

No longer trusting in God! For money will be exhausted having to turn to some alternative, which shall be worldwide.



As I see, as I am inspired, I shall continue to write as the Lord gives me His Wisdom and Knowledge

to warn all as a

"Watchmen on the Wall"

Coming Signs From Above as they are Revealed.

I refuse to waver, I refuse to be tossed to and fro as the waves of the Sea,

I shall continue to Serve The My God.


The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

"The I AM"

The God of Israel... "His Promised Land"


"May God give you the Wisdom and Knowledge to Understand

in these last days what the Spirit says unto the Church"





Coming Soon


The Everlasting Gospel 


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